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The Best Catholic Therapists online [Review]. Find the right Catholic Psychologist online for you.

catholic therapists online

The increasing number of new Christian denominations and self-acclaimed faith-based counselors have made it extremely challenging for Catholics battling mental health issues to locate genuine catholic therapists online.

Getting the best Catholic psychologist online has become near impossible because even if you dedicate a significant amount of time searching through a series of websites, you might still hit a brick wall since incompetent counselors posing as professionals are littering everywhere. This is exhausting, to say the least.

However, Faithful Counseling, a leading and credible platform with thousands of faith-based professional and licensed counselors have brought together the best catholic counselors online that are sound in doctrine, compassionate and empathetic, and willing to help you through your emotional and mental problems.

Why use Faithful Counseling for your catholic counseling online 

Faithful Counseling has totally changed the online counseling game, using highly simple and personalized processes from the onboarding phase to matching you with your preferred catholic therapists online and the actual therapy sessions.

If you feel unsafe or exposed, the “shred” feature in the Faithful Counseling platform allows you to delete your chat history during your catholic counseling online. You can also request new catholic therapists online and get marched within a click of a button.

Want an online Catholic therapist?

Connect with one online in minutes.

Affordable. From USD 60 per week (incl. one session).

Dozens of certified counselors available.

Advantages of Faithful Counseling over other online counseling

Catholic psychologist online

Simplicity and ease of use

Faithful Counseling has dedicated tremendous resources to simplify the process of locating and working with catholic counselors online.

When using other online counseling platforms, you have to conduct thorough research, which runs into hours of searching for a suitable therapist that shares the same faith with you or has the level of expertise you are looking out for. 

However, Faithful Counseling is oversimplified and makes your journey toward healing seamless and without unnecessary hassle. You also have access to 24/7 online support and resources when you need help with anything. 

The signing-up process is a walk in the park, allowing you to simply answer simple pre-set questions with multiple answers to pick from.

Faithful Counseling also connects you with the perfect catholic counselor within a short period based on your background information and the issues you need help with.

Eliminates risks 

One of the risks of using unverified online counseling platforms is falling into the hands of quacks. 

Faithful Counseling has helped you eliminate the hurdle of risking being swindled by unprofessional catholic counselors by hand picking only professional therapists with licenses and relevant certifications from reputable clinical institutions.  

Faithful Counseling is a subsidiary of BetterHelp, the world’s largest therapy platform. Therefore, you do not have to worry about incompetency as BetterHelp adopts strict rules when accepting new counselors into its platform.  


Most people battling various mental health challenges cannot get good treatment because of the high cost. A typical one-on-one counseling session costs about $100 to $200. Most people have even stopped visiting a therapist because it has dug a hole in their pockets.

However, Faithful Counseling has drastically made counseling affordable by slashing the price to between $60 and $90 per week (billed monthly) while maintaining professionalism, excellence, and quality.


People naturally prefer a particular counselor over others based on simple things like how they talk, look or listen. This also happens in catholic churches.

Some priests are naturally loved by more congregants; therefore, people tend to meet them for prayers and counseling more than others.

Faithful Counseling understands this, so they give you an option to choose from the sea of highly skilled and spiritual Catholic psychologists online based on your preference. All you have to do is browse through as many profiles as possible and ask for a match.

Track record

The proof of any successful organization is how well they deliver on their promises and meet the expectations of their clients.

Faithful Counseling has, over the years, built a strong brand and reputation through providing excellent counseling services and exceeding clients’ expectations.

A glance at the countless positive reviews from happy clients will show you the level of competence and excellence at play in the organization.

Why you should choose catholic therapy online over in-person therapy

There are debates about the most effective counseling method between online and in-person. Here are some of the reasons why catholic counseling online is best for you.

In-person therapists are overwhelmed

Most in-person catholic therapists are overwhelmed by the number of people they attend to daily. This is because most of them operate in church settings with fewer professional hands to help the large number of people who need skilled and spiritual help with their mental health challenges.

However, Faithful Counseling has solved this problem by providing you access to lots of catholic counselors. Not only that, there are many catholic counselors who specialize in different areas of counseling like marriage and family relationships, mental and emotional health, etc., unlike in-person catholic counselors that are usually generalists.

Therefore, counselors at Faithful Counseling are more refreshed and relaxed to cater to your needs and offer great value for your time and money.

They are not professionally trained

Most one-on-one catholic therapists are not professionally trained counselors. They do not have licenses and certifications. Instead, they rely solely on experience and the Bible for counseling.

Experience is good, and God’s Word is powerful. However, the need for professionalism and expertise cannot be neglected. This is where Faithful Counseling comes in. It creates a perfect balance between experience, Bible knowledge, and expertise.

All Catholic counselors on Faithful Counselors have at least three years and one thousand hours of practical counseling experience. They have all been qualified and certified by their state’s professional board.


In-person therapy requires lots of effort and time to achieve. You have to drive long distances to the physical offices of an in-person counselor and sometimes spend much time in their offices.

On Faithful Counseling, scheduling your therapy sessions is easy as ABC. With a click of a button, you can schedule to speak with your therapist anywhere you are while enjoying convenience.

You can also choose what form of communication best suits you. For example, you can communicate with your counselor via phone call, text, or video chat and switch to anyone depending on your mood, preference, and location.

Monitoring and accountability

Faithful Counseling holds all counselors to high standards. Therefore, all counselors are up and doing, adhering strictly to professional practices and offering you the best.

There is little or no monitoring for in-person counseling. Various professional bodies can hardly tell if the therapist is delivering optimally or not. Therefore, there are chances that you might not get value for your money, and no one will hold the provider accountable.

Availability of resources

The get help now section of Faithful Counseling offer free resources to mental health patients, ranging from emergency numbers, hotlines, etc., of different countries, in case of emergencies.

Also, you can access your counseling history and all information and tips your therapists shared during your sessions. These refresh your mind and allow you to reflect on the ideas shared and monitor your progress.

However, this information is mostly not accessible to people who engage in in-person counseling. Therefore, people battling with cases like depression, for example, who predominantly suffer memory loss and forgetfulness, might not remember the tips, solutions, and ideas shared during their counseling time.

How to start using Faithful Counseling to find a Catholic psychologist online

Faithful Counseling has made starting your healing journey and connecting with the best catholic therapist online simple and easy.

You can get started by filling out a short questionnaire and providing background information about yourself and your current situation. Faithful Counseling then picks it up by matching you with the best catholic counselor that is most suitable based on your data. 

You have the option of choosing your preferred counselor if you feel you are not connecting with the one working with you at any time.

You do not have to worry if you are not comfortable with sharing your personal details like your name and address online because Faith Counseling allows you to use a nickname and successfully register without disclosing your home address.

Faithful Counseling: the best catholic therapy online

With all these fantastic features Faith Counseling offers, it is clear that no other online counseling provider comes close when it comes to delivering excellence, professionalism, and spiritual-based solutions to mental health challenges.

You are assured of being in safe hands as Faith Counselors give you a pool of catholic therapists who know how to introduce you to the unfailing love of Christ through deep insight into the Bible. They also know the best way to walk you through your healing process by deploying industry standard procedures and solutions.

Want a Catholic psychologist?

Connect with one online in minutes.

Affordable. From USD 60 per week (incl. one session).

Dozens of certified counselors available.